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::Necklace refashion::

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I’m pretty stoked that I finally get to attend an Officer’s Mess Dinner on base with hubby. During the first mixed mess dinner (that’s what they call it when spouses attend), I was home in BC with H, and during the second one, I was too pregnant with O to bother finding a “one-time wear” dress and a babysitter. But now that I’m here and NOT pregnant, I’m ready for a fancy night out.

Score #1: brand new bridesmaid gown for $40 at a local thrift shop. In a colour that’s rad for redheads: kiwi green. It’s not the type of dress I was necessarily looking for (I was thinking romantic black lace with a mermaid silhouette and a wide V-neck) but beggars can’t be choosers around here. Check it out!

Score #2: Then I went to Le Chateau looking for a fun and colourful statement necklace to balance the paleness of my bare chest, which comes with a sleeveless dress. I found a great one (on sale, too!), which will go with the magenta satin heels I’ll be wearing with my frock. But when I put it on with the dress, it was actually too much.

Original necklace - just $9.95!

I really didn’t want to bother going back to look again. I’d spent half an hour in the store trying to make a decision, plus I’d already bought matching stud earrings, which aren’t returnable. So, wanting to make the best of what I had, I thought I could use just some of the strands to refashion into one of those trendy ribbon necklaces. And what do I do with the leftover strands? Why, make a matching bracelet and clutch strap, of course!

Pretty ribbon makes a coordinated set!

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