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::I’m pregnant – what now? pt. 3::

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What do I need for a newborn?

-No-scratch mitts: I got over my fear of nail clippers really quickly when baby O (#2) came along. But with H (#1), her nails were like claws and I was terrified I’d snip off the tips of her tiny fingers. In reality, clipping a newborn’s fingernails while they sleep is quite easy. Practise makes perfect.

Kiddopotamus Swaddle or Woombie: if you plan on swaddling. I did because H would wake herself up by getting startled in her sleep and smacking herself in the face. AND/OR

-Sleep sack: for you non-swaddlers whose kids are not born in the summer. Winners has great selections of organic cotton or fleece.

Bath sling: I always found the actual baby tubs frustrating. How do you empty the soapy water to rinse baby while he’s still in it?

Grooming & health care kit: usually includes aforementioned baby nail clippers, digital thermometer, brush, comb, medicine spoon, snot sucker, etc.

Vitamin D drops: any brand is fine, including store brands

Tempra (baby Tylenol) drops, dye-free

Ibuprofen (baby Advil) drops

Camilia: homeopathic remedy for teething and general irritability. Available in Superstore’s health aisle, or Walmart’s pharmacy

Coryzalia: homeopathic remedy for cold symptoms. You can’t give anything else to kids under 2 with a cold

Muslin swaddling blankets (perfect for swaddling while out of the house, because they’re so big, and for wrapping baby/keeping her warm but not hot)

Burp cloths: ok, not a necessity. But I make these form flannelette and Warm N’ Natural quilt batting and they are super absorbent and soft. Perfect for saving visitors’ clothes if they offer to burp baby after a feed

Up next: part 4 – What about the obvious stuff?

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