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::I’m pregnant – what now? pt. 2::

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I’m a new mom. What do I need?

Here is my list of goodies specifically for new mommies. I’ll keep this post short and simple, in list form. Because it’s the most important list, I think. Happy shopping!

Lansinoh lanolin nipple creamnipples crack and bleed and weep. I’m sorry. But this stuff should come with a holster because I used it after EVERY feed with H.

Johnson’s or Lansinoh breast pads. Oddly, some women never experience double letdown. Not me. I might as well have had twins! So breast pads to soak up the leakage were a must.

Generic stool softeners and Ibuprofen for post-delivery (oh, and possibly Preparation H – sorry! I just wish someone had warned me about that!) ‘Nuff said.

White cotton panties (Superstore has cheap packs – 5 for $5 or something. They’ll be ruined, guaranteed. But so comfy and accommodating for those huge postpartum pads.)

Nursing brasThyme Maternity has the best nursing bras and the ladies there will fit you properly. I laughed when they told me I’d be a full C cup when nursing (only in my wildest dreams!), but they were bang on. My all-time fave nursing bras (no joke, I’m wearing one right now) are the criss-cross wrap bras by Warner’s. They’re available at WalMart and Zellers and Sears and I could wear them all day every day. Plus, they’re cheaper than most other nursing bras – only about $18.

comfy cotton PJs or yoga gear to wear around the house for the first month or so. Buy them one size larger than normal. I loved Joe Fresh yoga clothes, available at Real Canadian Superstore & Extra Foods/Loblaws. They’re perfect because they are inexpensive enough to buy and not feel bad about spending the money, but the quality is good enough to withstand multiple washings (due to aforementioned leakiness)

Glider chair or big comfy chair for nursery for nighttime nursery feedings

Nursing pillow (also good for propping up baby once neck control is present)

Nursing cover: I love Tata Tents, for the prints and the pocket on the front to hold your breast pad or baby’s soother

breast pump: Breast pumps are perfect to: help you relieve pressure; allow Dad or Grandma or a friend to feed baby while you sleep or shower; and, give you the opportunity to go shopping or out on a date with hubby without the baby. I have the Philips Avent Manual pump and the Medela Swing Electric and I love them both. The Avent is great for travel and you don’t have to plug it in. The Medela is easier but takes more set-up.

Diaper bag: this is all about personal style. I admit, though, that I found the smaller, more structured ones were too structured for the different items I wanted to stuff in them (because they eventually merged with my purse for a time). So I prefer a sack-style. The best option is to have one that hooks onto a stroller, though. Better yet, find a sweet yoga bag and call it your “diaper bag.” That way, you’ll really enjoy carrying it around.

Books: Because I am totally type A, I refused to read much during pregnancy, otherwise I would feel like I’d need to do/buy all sorts of things. The only book I read cover to cover (because I found it refreshing and engaging…and funny) was called From the Hips (available at Chapters). I got my weekly pregnancy updates from Babycenter.ca in my inbox, and the only other book I refer to even now is Dr. Sears’ The Baby Book (available at Chapters and on Amazon).

What other mommy products couldn’t you live without in those first few weeks with a newborn?

Up next: part 3 – What do I need for a newborn?

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