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“Let the little children come to me…”

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“And [Jesus] took the children in his arms, placed his hands on them and blessed them.” Mark 10:16

Today our son was dedicated to the Lord at Calvary Temple in Brandon. His spirit was joyful and the decision was easy. Special friends were in attendance and we are delighted to be parents to our little son. Our commitment to train up our boy in the way he should go, so that when he is old, he will not depart from it (Proverbs 22:6), has now been witnessed by our brothers and sisters at church, and in life. We do not take this task lightly.

Here are some photos from the day. Unfortunately, only one from the actual dedication turned out (somewhat) on my silly camera.

Getting ready to go

Happy boy

H in her refashioned jean skirt and magic pocket(less) blouse

A clearer image

Our one half-decent shot of the dedication. Note to self - must buy GOOD camera

An ambush in the car seat

Another attempt to get her standing still

Happy to move around

Thanks for a great day, friends!

As you can see, this suit is quite…tailored (yeah, that’s it). The bottom snap kept popping open. Next time I make him a vest, I’ll leave more room for him to move around. And grow. Cuz that’s what babies do. I guess this ensemble will go straight into his baby box. But it was still worth it for the significance of the day.


::dedication suit::

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I wanted O to have his own ensemble to wear…

Today, we’re having baby O dedicated to the Lord at church. While we know this city will not be our home forever, Calvary Temple has been a home church to us since our arrival two years ago (!) in January. Last Mother’s Day, we had baby H dedicated wearing my Christening dress, made for me by my nana in 1982. It’s a beautiful white satin and it fit her perfectly.

H at 8 months old

I know it’s the 21st Century and no one would think it odd if O were to wear the same gown, being that it’s supposed to be a gender neutral tradition. However, I just didn’t think it would fly. So I wanted O to have his own ensemble to wear but I didn’t want it to be just something I found at Zellers, Walmart or Children’s Place. I didn’t want anyone else to have the same outfit. So when I stumbled upon this online tutorial for a boy’s vest, I thought it looked easy enough to try myself, along with some pants to match.

Off I went to Fabricland and, wouldn’t you know it, I found an entire metre of herringbone suiting fabric in the bargain bin for $5! Score! I picked up two very manly buttons for the front and two sheets of felt for the embellishment.

I didn’t have high hopes for the professionalism of this project; I’m not a perfectionist when it comes to sewing. I get bored easily and just want my projects done. I just needed it to look good for photos and on the day. But even after considering an unlined, thrown together vest, I realized lining it would be much easier; instead of turning and sewing all the edges, I could simply sew two vests together (like the tutorial instructs) and one would instantly become the liner. Perfect. The best part is that I had one of hubby’s dress shirts in my “upcycle” pile in my closet, just because it had a few small stains. I decided to use that for the lining, which makes it extra special.

It quickly took off from there, and while I decided on the embellishments and snaps after I’d already flipped the vest right side out (which means the stitching can be seen on the inside), I must say the whole thing turned out quite well!

A smashing suit for a dashing young man

As you can see below, the buttons are not functional. I am a little too lazy, and scared, to do buttonholes right now (I know, I know, I should practice on scraps. Again, I’m lazy, remember?). So I hand-stitched snaps inside to make a quick fastening.

Tricked you, didn't I?

Lastly, instead of neatly finishing the hem, I left the extra fabric in the seam to let the pants down at Christmastime. I’m certain baby O will grow enough in two months to need some extra length.

extra fabric for growth

Of course, I did splurge on some adorable suede shoes for this special occasion. They’re too big but it’s not like he has to walk to the alter or anything. And hey, for $7, I’m not too worried.

Shoes for my stylin' dude

Photos of O in his getup to come!


I’ve recently discovered the website Craftsy.com, an online sewing and crafting community, and have started uploading my projects on there. Have a peek!

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