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I guess I could stop sleeping…

Sewing for my littles has been a real treat for me, and I’m always thinking of more things I’d like to make them (which means I’ve been pinning a bunch of things I’d like to make them – haha). Wonder where I can scrape up some more hours in the day? Well, I guess I could stop sleeping…

Here’s a peek at the kids’ Christmas duds, made by yours truly. Thanks to this easy how-to video by Couturier Mommy, I put together H’s Christmas dress, based on the pattern I made from an existing dress in her closet (I love DIY patterns – you never have to wonder whether you missed a step!). I made the pattern and cut and pinned the fabric while watching A River Runs Through It, so honestly, it doesn’t even take that  much brain power. But I wouldn’t have thought to attach all four pieces the way this gal does, so props to her for teaching me something new.

H's Christmas dress

Bonus: I got to use this fantastic vintage-style Christmas fabric I picked up at the January sales last year. It’s less vibrant than in the photo, but my camera’s a little…lacking. I’ll be using this fabric for her new stocking, too. Note: the straps will have buttons on them but I hadn’t measured H for placement at the time I took the photos.

A sophisticated print for the reverse side will prolong the wearability of the garment

And I just love this line of fabric (I have three of the different prints) and I have kept it for something special. Now H can wear the dress in January and beyond.

As for Baby O, the suit I made for his dedication will definitely be too small by Christmas, so I needed to whip up something more. I still plan to use the scraps of his suit fabric for a bow-tie bib, but I wanted to make him something festive, too (girls seem to get all the cute stuff! It’s just not fair). So I bought a plain white tee at Walmart for $5 and dug out my Christmas scraps to see what I could do. Here’s the result:

A holiday shirt for the little guy

Ric-rac and Christmas scraps = Christmas shirt!

I also had grand plans to make a reusable Advent calendar for the year but I think I’ve left it too late to put real thought and care into it. Next year I guess! Gotta wait for the Christmas fabrics to go on sale in January anyway.


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