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I wanted O to have his own ensemble to wear…

Today, we’re having baby O dedicated to the Lord at church. While we know this city will not be our home forever, Calvary Temple has been a home church to us since our arrival two years ago (!) in January. Last Mother’s Day, we had baby H dedicated wearing my Christening dress, made for me by my nana in 1982. It’s a beautiful white satin and it fit her perfectly.

H at 8 months old

I know it’s the 21st Century and no one would think it odd if O were to wear the same gown, being that it’s supposed to be a gender neutral tradition. However, I just didn’t think it would fly. So I wanted O to have his own ensemble to wear but I didn’t want it to be just something I found at Zellers, Walmart or Children’s Place. I didn’t want anyone else to have the same outfit. So when I stumbled upon this online tutorial for a boy’s vest, I thought it looked easy enough to try myself, along with some pants to match.

Off I went to Fabricland and, wouldn’t you know it, I found an entire metre of herringbone suiting fabric in the bargain bin for $5! Score! I picked up two very manly buttons for the front and two sheets of felt for the embellishment.

I didn’t have high hopes for the professionalism of this project; I’m not a perfectionist when it comes to sewing. I get bored easily and just want my projects done. I just needed it to look good for photos and on the day. But even after considering an unlined, thrown together vest, I realized lining it would be much easier; instead of turning and sewing all the edges, I could simply sew two vests together (like the tutorial instructs) and one would instantly become the liner. Perfect. The best part is that I had one of hubby’s dress shirts in my “upcycle” pile in my closet, just because it had a few small stains. I decided to use that for the lining, which makes it extra special.

It quickly took off from there, and while I decided on the embellishments and snaps after I’d already flipped the vest right side out (which means the stitching can be seen on the inside), I must say the whole thing turned out quite well!

A smashing suit for a dashing young man

As you can see below, the buttons are not functional. I am a little too lazy, and scared, to do buttonholes right now (I know, I know, I should practice on scraps. Again, I’m lazy, remember?). So I hand-stitched snaps inside to make a quick fastening.

Tricked you, didn't I?

Lastly, instead of neatly finishing the hem, I left the extra fabric in the seam to let the pants down at Christmastime. I’m certain baby O will grow enough in two months to need some extra length.

extra fabric for growth

Of course, I did splurge on some adorable suede shoes for this special occasion. They’re too big but it’s not like he has to walk to the alter or anything. And hey, for $7, I’m not too worried.

Shoes for my stylin' dude

Photos of O in his getup to come!


I’ve recently discovered the website Craftsy.com, an online sewing and crafting community, and have started uploading my projects on there. Have a peek!


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