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::I’m pregnant – what now? pt. 6::

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How do I get baby from A to B? (Transportation)

Holy crap, does this part ever take some thinking! I spent SO LONG researching strollers alone that I thought my brain just might explode! Here’s a tip: decide on your stroller first, because only certain car seats adapt to certain strollers (with a “travel system”). If you don’t live in a climate where weather (read: SNOW) is a contributing factor, your best bet is a stroller/car seat package, which guarantees compatibility. Of course, where you intend to take your stroller (mall? mountain trails? sidewalks?) also plays a part in deciding which one to buy. Let the games begin!

Car seat & stroller: We love our BOB Revolution stroller, which accommodates a handful of car seats (we used the Graco SnugRide). We also enjoyed the double version when O was an infant, but only for a short time, as H insists on walking now.

Mommy Hook: I LOVE this product. It hooks onto your stroller to allow you more bag storage when shopping. It also is a great little handle for toddlers to hold onto when walking alongside the stroller. Just be wary of loading it with too much weight, as a small child/infant in the stroller does NOT balance a 15 lb. bag of groceries hanging from the handle of a stroller!

Seat belt strap covers: so the straps don’t burn baby’s neck every time you tighten/loosen them. These are great inventions and so simple. If you can sew, you could easily customize a pair for your babe. It’s basically a potholder pattern with hook & loop tape strips! But here’s a great little tutorial for ya.

JJ Cole BundleMe: there are winter and summer versions, and of course other brands, too. But they are so convenient and prevent you from having to bundle up your baby everytime you go out.

Baby Bjorn (make sure it has the lumbar support on the lower back) or Ergo Baby baby carrier. I also bought a CuddlyWrap on Craigslist, but both kids hated being put into it and I hated that the huge ends of the fabric dragged on the ground as you wrapped it. It’s fine for being at home, but trying to work with it in a dirty parking lot was out of the question for me.

Well, that’s it! I mean, I could go on FOREVER about baby stuff. But this six-part series is really a decent place to start for a list of necessities. Having a baby is so much fun, and choosing your baby’s gear can be a super fun way to make your husband feel more involved in your pregnancy.

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  1. I love your suggestions and used each and every one for Kenzie! I’m still in love with our BOB – every time I use another stroller I realize again how great it is!
    We have a Peg Perego infant car seat which was fine, but I would also recommend the Graco, so you have the option of going to 35 pounds.
    LOVE the Mommy Hook – funny how the small things can make all the difference! 🙂

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