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::I’m pregnant – what now? pt. 5::

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How to keep your baby from getting bored

Many of these are big-ticket items. The best idea is to register for them and have your baby shower host (or mother/mother-in-law) kindly suggest to your friends, family and shower guests that not only are gift cards to your chosen baby shop appreciated, but it would also be a good idea for people to go together on big gifts. The office where I worked while I was pregnant with H kindly pooled their resources to buy me our high chair, and put the rest on a gift card for me to spend as needed. It was much appreciated! Another idea is to look on Craigslist or Kijiji for these things. Better yet: buy or borrow from friends with kids.

Jolly jumper: this thing is straight up awesome. Even folks who live in an open concept home can now buy a stand for their Jolly Jumper, which makes it portable, too. Both my kids loved this item, although beware of a younger sibling being tortured. Case in point: when hubby was a babe (youngest of 3), his parents had it set up on the hall closet doorway (the only doorway around). As he bounced, middle sis grabbed him by the Jolly Jumper belt, pulled him out and away from the closet and let go. Just as he swung to the back of the closet, she attempted to slam the closet door! As you can imagine, baby hubby ricocheted off the rear of the closet and right back into the door. OUCH! Lesson learned: supervision required.

Activity mat: there are a ton of styles to choose from. I bought mine for $15 from the Cloverdale Swap Meet. This is an expensive item, for some reason.

soft play mats for hardwood/laminate floors. When babies first learn to sit alone, their heads are usually hard to hold up with their little necks. These mats prevent big head bonks on the hard floor.

Bumbo chair & tray: many parents use this in lieu of a high chair until 6 or 7 mos old! Best to buy 2nd hand, for about $45.

High chair: I loved the Fisher-Price Space Saver but found it frustrating once baby started feeding herself and food was always finding its way beneath the cushion. I was constantly washing it. I now prefer the booster-style chairs, which are so much easier to clean and also more portable.

Vibrating bouncy chair: so great for newborns! I don’t know why I never had one of these for H, but O loved his.

portable playpen: perfect for a diaper change station for newborns (it has a suspended platform option), and a sleeping option when visiting friends and relatives. We’ve also carted this to the beach for the afternoon! The perfect, sand-free haven for your little one.

Swing: so many options, I’ll just leave it to you to research

Exersacuer: ditto here!

Sophie the Giraffe: put it on your registry and someone will buy it for you. I don’t know why babies love her so much, but ours has almost no spots left, she’s THAT well-loved!

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