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::I’m pregnant – what now? pt. 1::

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(Did I trick you? Good. Because I’m most definitely NOT pregnant!)


Congratulations! You’re pregnant for the first time and everything about babies and parenting is so new to you. Eventually, you’ll get online or drag take your hubby to Sears, Babies “R” Us, or any other baby gear store, to start a registry for your baby needs. But where to start?!

Other than the wedding industry, I am fairly certain the baby industry is booming with all sorts of ingenious products and services…that you just don’t need. One new nana-to-be recently asked me to send a list of baby items and products to her that she could pass on to her son and daughter-in-law, who are pregnant with baby #1. They are totally overwhelmed with the products out there, and they have no idea which ones are actually useful.

“No problem,” I said, and began to write. But as the list grew, I knew I had some valuable information, all neatly packaged in a useful shopping list format! So I’ll share it here, in a series called, “…what now?”

There’s so much good stuff I had to categorize it, and I included the links where applicable so you can investigate, compare prices, add things to your registry and familiarize yourself with the products. Please note, I am not being paid to link to Babies “R” Us specifically. But the gal who originally asked for this list is planning to register there, I believe, and I wanted to make this as painless for her as possible.

Get yourself connected

First, sign up for the following daily/weekly emails from these baby bargain websites. They’re like Winners for baby gear: overstocked or discontinued items sent to these companies to sell off at MAJOR discounts. But they are done in daily or weekly intervals. I buy a ton of stuff for the kids from them!




Craigslist is a fantastic resource for big ticket items too (nursery furniture, strollers, baby carriers, etc), as well as lots of pre-loved baby clothes. And Motherofadeal.com sends a weekly email newsletter with online and in-store deals from all sorts of baby- and kid-related companies.

Also, if you’re from Metro Vancouver, Kidsvancouver.com features the list of monthly swap meets around the Lower Mainland. There’s one in Cloverdale on the 2nd Saturday of every month. If you can hit it every month before the baby comes, you’ll find some GREAT stuff on the cheap, using this list as a “shopping list,” of sorts.

Are there any sites and resources I’m missing here for good kid gear at discounted prices?

Up next: part 2 – I’m a new mom – what do I need?

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  2. I was wondering about your title! But then I thought, “No, Meghan is done having babies!” 🙂 Way to draw us in!
    I totally agree!! When I was pregnant with Kenzie I thought I ‘needed’ so many things… and spent money on non-necessity items. I wanted to be so prepared but looking back, it would’ve been smarter to buy things as I actually needed them. And since every baby is different, what’s vital to one household might not be needed in another!
    I still remember looking at the enormous wall of bottles at Babies “R” Us and feeling rather overwhelmed. I called my sister on the spot and asked her what I should buy! 🙂

    I look forward to reading your list! I’m getting into preparing/nesting mode for our next little bundle!

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